Usf Articulation Agreement

USF Directive 10-068 requires institutions to publicly disclose their credit guidelines to prospective students and registered students. This disclosure must include all the criteria set out by the USF for the transfer of acquired credits to another institution, as well as a list of institutions with which the USF has entered into a articulation agreement. Note: Only active agreements are displayed on this page. For any questions or comments, please email: You can search with one of the following fields. Leave all fields empty to show all chords. The University of San Francisco has articulation confirmations for more than 60 two-year-old California colleges. These agreements contain a list of specific courses in each college that meet the USF`s completion requirements. These confirmations are a menu of options for planning purposes, of course, but you don`t need to fill out all the domains to be eligible for transmission to USF. Dual Enrollment Agreements: Information on double-winding agreements can be found on the Early University – Dual Enrollment website.

Statewide Articulation Agreements: State joint agreements are concluded at the state level and not directly between USF and another school or institution. Polk State First-time-in College-students, recently graduated from high school, have the opportunity to participate in the University of South Florida Fuse Program university courses. This means that if you drive to Polk State and complete your AA degree, you will be guaranteed acceptance of the program at USF. All students with an A.A. degree from Polk State qualify for the state-of-the-art Florida Joint Agreement, which promises you admission to a state university, but the Fuse Program promises to enter a special program at the USF. Fuse Admissions Information Fuse Transfer Transfer Information © 2020, University of South Florida. Copyright Reserved.4202 E. Fowler Avenue, Tampa, FL 33620, U.S. – 813-974-2011This site is maintained by Undergraduate Studies. About This Page – Site Plan – USF Contact You can earn college credits for qualifying grades at Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB) and The College Level Examination Program (CLEP). Lean learn more about AP/IB/College Credit. Zone A1: Public Speaking Area A2: Rhetoric and composition (to be completed in USF) Domain D1: Philosophy Domain D2: Theological Domain D3: Ethics Community-Engaged Learning (to be completed by USF) Foreign language (if applicable) There is no limit to the total number of credits that can be transferred; However, all students must complete 44 semester units at the USF to meet the minimum stay requirement.

International business graduates and all students enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences must also meet a language requirement. International market economics students and science students from the College of Arts and Sciences must complete two semesters of the same language. Applicants for the arts licence must complete three semesters. Amber Price has dedicated her life to helping and healing others, but shortly after the beginning of her career as a… Each university course (for example. B UC or transferable CSU) of a regionally accredited university or university, obtained with a C or superior, is transferred to the USF by e-mail or e-mail.