What Does A Consortium Agreement Do

The term „consortium agreement“ may not mean much to you right now. But in the field of study abroad, it is a common form that allows your home university to transfer your financial aid to the school where you are going to study. We are no stranger to the consortium agreements in our Charlottesville office. We usually receive about 100 of them for each trip. Based on the above procedures, it is important to plan enough time for all these steps. Ideally, the form to get us well before the first day of payment for the term. Make sure you plan accordingly! Call the host school in advance and ask them what procedures they have for managing consortium agreements when they are host school. Note that your help may be delayed as a unionized student. The following conditions must be met to enter into a consortium agreement: the importance of a consortium agreement for you to be registered as a university candidate offers you many privileges, including eligibility for federal financial aid.

During your trip, you are considered a „guest student“ at the University of Virginia, which means that you are not a candidate for U.Va. So how do you maintain your student application at your first school during the trip? That`s right, a consortium agreement. Talk to your advisor to make sure that the courses you want to take at the „host“ institution will be transferred to your studies. Your advisor must also sign the consortium contract form to verify that the courses are applicable. Sanitation and technical training courses are not provided and very few exceptions are allowed. You cannot use classes that you control for the consortium agreement. In addition, you cannot repeat courses with the consortium agreement without first contacting your advisor and the financial assistance office. 1. Complete the free application for federal student assistance (FAFSA) and list the FHSU (code: 001915) as a school to obtain information and respond to any requests for additional information. The student`s student newsletter (ISIR) is processed and a bonus letter is sent to the student, with estimated amounts for financial assistance on the basis of total registration/Desinemat for this semester.